EXTRA: See Forensic Analysis by Tom Owen video on Real Justice Now's audio analysis page, with enhanced CD quality audio of Trayvon screaming for his life while Zimmerman stages the crime scene; evidence of premeditation and additional participants.

See also Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology Analysis Page


The evidence collected the night George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin to death does not support a situation where Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman or presented a threat of danger to him or anyone else.

There was no big fight, Trayvon did not sucker punch George and in fact the most basic evidence supports a scenario where Zimmerman is never even on the muddy wet grass rolling around with Martin in any way shape or form.

Pictures often speak a thousand words but in the case of George Zimmerman these pictures speak volumes more.  Real Justice Now quickly determined it would be impossible for Zimmerman to have been fighting for his life in the muddy wet grass, getting the back of his head slammed repeatedly into the concrete and maintain such dry clean clothes.  Trayvon Martin had grass stains on the knees of his trousers, but George remained spotless which would have been impossible if the Zimmerman claim were true.

It does not take a forensics scientist to explain the Zimmerman self-defense claim is a work of fiction.  Real Justice Now shines a bright light on one of the most blatant miscarriages of justice witnessed in the last 100 years exposing the negligence and corruption throughout Florida's law enforcement and criminal justice systems.

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